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I don't have to display any stamps in this advertisment because i have almost all the Egyptian Issues.

I'm specialized in Egyptian Stamps, Covers, FDCs, Essays, Proofs, Postal Stationary.

Egypt & Sudan Specialized philatede literature, Egypt new Issue service.

The Royal Albums of Egypt & 222 topicals for all topicalists, Egyptian coins, paper money, Revenues, Revenua Documents, Cinderellas, Numismatic literature, Supplies,philatelic suplies and Egyptian Epbmera.

Callers must welcome by Appointment Please.

Wants lists most welcome in SG, SC, Yvert, Mitchel, Zeheri, Balian.

The NilePost Habib Abdel Raouf, Peter Feltus and Kamal Shalaby Numbers.

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